Downtown offers the best of Austin, amplified. This is where creativity and ingenuity meet to deliver the latest foodie hotspots, legendary live music venues, one-of-a-kind shops, and year-round outdoor fun. Rock out or relax – it’s your call. LET’S GO


Downtown is the epicenter of Austin’s 24/7 idea exchange. This is where enterprises headquarter and entrepreneurs incubate, all harnessing our city’s incredible talent pool, business-friendly infrastructure and uniquely collaborative culture. LET’S GO


Downtown Austin offers residences to suit any style, whether you’re renting or putting down roots. This is where city excitement meets creature comforts – your walkable new neighborhood puts both nightly entertainment and daily essentials within easy reach.LET’S GO


Retail Psychographics

Who’s downtown and why?

The Downtown Austin Alliance’s research analyzes customers and their motivations.


Our Trade Area

Austin RetailThe map above shows the overall trade area for Downtown Austin. In total, the trade area's 2014 population is an estimated 1,739,316. The section outlined in plum indicates those within a 20-minute drive of Downtown, and the blue indicates those within 40-minutes.

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Target Market

Austin Psychographics

Four Profiles of the Downtown Shopper

According to research conducted for the Downtown Austin Alliance by Downtown Works, the bulk of the downtown Austin target market is comprised of young people who rent their dwellings, are restless, active, electronically savvy and strive to be cool. With the exception of a few groups, they are not necessarily affluent yet have disposable income which they spend on the latest in electronics, apparel, active wear, meals out, movies and concerts and, in some cases, home furnishings. As a whole, the target market is not interested in investment-quality goods—they are more likely to purchase moderately priced goods and apparel.

young & restless, 11.4% of the Market

• Young, single, renters, few have kids

• Diverse, well-educated, very interested in careers, lead      busy lives

• Healthy, active, buy organic food

• Like to go out but affordably so; enjoy bars and nightlife,  dancing and playing pool

• Incomes not high but much is disposable

• Tech savvy; go online for most things


metro Renters, 10.8% of the market

• Young singles starting their careers

• Most are degreed; 25% hold graduate degrees

• Need to be where the action is; are avid, albeit price-  sensitive, shoppers/diners

• Home products are not a priority, though will shop  stores like CB2 or Pier One Imports

• Shop nationals, locals and online

• Work out regularly and are active in sports 

• Own electronics, laptops; seldom watch TV

• Incomes aren’t high but they spend most of their  discretionary income on themselves


emerald city, 8.7% of the market

• Young, single, degreed

• Healthy, active, frequent travelers

• Read books and magazines on tablets, contribute to  NPR/PBS

• Go out to affordably priced eateries

• Buy organic food, prefer natural, green products

• Spend precisely the national average on entertainment &  recreation


top tier, 4.0% of the market

• Mature, highly educated, married couples; is the    wealthiest consumer market

• Shoppers—they buy the “best of the best”

• Frequently upgrade their electronics

• Own lavish vacation homes

• Shop at high-end retailers/chains

• Purchase/lease luxury cars

• Spend 78% more than national average on apparel,  180% more on entertainment & recreation, 146% more on  food


Downtown Employers You Should Know


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market was founded in Austin, Texas, when four local businesspeople decided the natural foods industry was ready for a supermarket format. The original Whole Foods Market opened in 1980 with a staff of only 19 people. Today they have more than 58,000 employees at over 330 locations. Whole Foods Corporate Headquarters is located in the West End of downtown on Lamar Blvd.



GSD&M is an advertising agency located in Austin. The main office of GSD&M is located on West 6th Street, across the street from the Whole Foods Market headquarters. The agency has helped build the success of establishments including Walgreen's, Southwest Airlines, Goodyear, John Deer, Wal-Mart, Chili's, DreamWorks, Frito-Lay, Fannie Mae, UnitedHealthcare, and more.


Silicon Labs

Silicon Laboratories, Inc. is a mixed signal fabless semiconductor company based in Austin. The company has leveraged its technology portfolio to expand into a number of large markets. Silicon Labs has about 900 employees worldwide and research and development offices located throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Silicon Labs' customers include Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Thomson.



HomeAway, Inc. is an online vacation rental marketplace that connects homeowners and property managers who advertise (or list) their properties available for rent with travelers who choose these alternative accommodations instead of hotels.

HomeAway was funded by venture capital firms Austin Ventures, Institutional Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures and Trident Capital. The company is headquartered in Austin with additional offices in Colorado, Virginia, New York, England, Germany, Brazil, and France.


Green Mountain Energy


Green Mountain Energy Company is a United States company that offers cleaner electricity products, carbon offsets, and sustainable solutions to residential and commercial customers. Green Mountain Energy began in Vermont in August 1997 as an offshoot of Green Mountain Power to take advantage of electricity deregulation around the country. The company moved its headquarters to its current location in Austin in September 2000. Green Mountain began serving the Texas competitive market in January 2002, and was the first retailer to offer alternative energy in the state.



LatinWorks is a full-service advertising agency based in Austin with satellite offices in Dallas, Texas, and Detroit, Michigan, and is part of the Omnicom Group. The company was founded in 1998 by Manny Flores and Alejandro Ruelas. In 2011, LatinWorks was named to AdAge's A-List and won two Lions at the Cannes Festival. In 2010, LatinWorks was named Multicultural Agency of the Year by both Advertising Age and AdWeek.

The agency is most widely known for their Super Bowl XLI commercial for Bud Light which starred Carlos Mencia teaching a classroom of foreigners how to order a Bud Light. The spot was the #1 most replayed commercial that year according to TiVo.


Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic is a fabless semiconductor supplier specializing in analog, mixed-signal, and audio DSP integrated circuits (ICs). Their audio processors and audio converters are found in many professional audio and consumer entertainment products, including smartphones, tablets, portable media players, automotive entertainment systems, home-theater receivers, TVs and docking stations. Cirrus Logic's analog mixed-signal converter chips are also used in a wide variety of energy-related applications, including its new line of LED controllers for the incandescent light bulb replacement market, as well as energy measurement chips for applications such as digital utility meters.

Cirrus Logic has more than 1,000 patents and more than 600 products serving more than 2,500 end customers globally.



Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004. As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device.

With 125 employees, Facebook's year-old Austin office in the 300 block of West Sixth Street is the company's biggest U.S. operation outside of its headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. Comparable company offices are in Dublin, Ireland, and Hyderabad, India.


State of texas

As the state capital, Austin is the undisputed hub of government activity and employment. Some of the largest state agencies include the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts; Texas Department of Transportation; Texas Department of Public Safety; Texas Water Development Board, and the Texas Department of Health. 19,400 State employees work in downtown austin.