Downtown offers the best of Austin, amplified. This is where creativity and ingenuity meet to deliver the latest foodie hotspots, legendary live music venues, one-of-a-kind shops, and year-round outdoor fun. Rock out or relax – it’s your call. LET’S GO


Downtown is the epicenter of Austin’s 24/7 idea exchange. This is where enterprises headquarter and entrepreneurs incubate, all harnessing our city’s incredible talent pool, business-friendly infrastructure and uniquely collaborative culture. LET’S GO


Downtown Austin offers residences to suit any style, whether you’re renting or putting down roots. This is where city excitement meets creature comforts – your walkable new neighborhood puts both nightly entertainment and daily essentials within easy reach.LET’S GO



“Being Downtown Sealed Our Success.”

Why retailers located downtown and what makes them flourish.



Royal Blue Grocery – Independent Grocer, Three Downtown Locations

“We targeted areas that are only blocks apart… smaller bodegas can exist because there’s enough density in a several-block radius to support them… Now all three locations serve everyone from ‘busboys to billionaires.'”

- George Scariano, Co-Founder
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Alamo Drafthouse – Movie Theater, East 6th Street

“Being on 6th Street makes me feel more part of Austin. There’s a certain degree of recognition you get when you have your business in this iconic area.”

- Karrie League, Co-Owner
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Keeper’s – Men’s Clothing, Congress Avenue

“One thing that is important to me is the belief that Congress Avenue will once again be the dominant shopping and entertainment district in Austin. The growth we are seeing now, with the influx of residential spaces, businesses and the move towards urban life, is helping to achieve that goal.

– Chuck Hadet, Owner

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Mercury Design Studio - Home Decor & Gifts, 2nd Street District

“I’ve found that there’s a real intent to
buy with our customers downtown. There’s an incredible rate of conversion from customers walking in our door to those making purchases. Our customers are sophisticated, have disposable incomes and are not afraid to purchase.”

- Steve Shuck, Owner

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