Downtown offers the best of Austin, amplified. This is where creativity and ingenuity meet to deliver the latest foodie hotspots, legendary live music venues, one-of-a-kind shops, and year-round outdoor fun. Rock out or relax – it’s your call. LET’S GO


Downtown is the epicenter of Austin’s 24/7 idea exchange. This is where enterprises headquarter and entrepreneurs incubate, all harnessing our city’s incredible talent pool, business-friendly infrastructure and uniquely collaborative culture. LET’S GO


Downtown Austin offers residences to suit any style, whether you’re renting or putting down roots. This is where city excitement meets creature comforts – your walkable new neighborhood puts both nightly entertainment and daily essentials within easy reach.LET’S GO


Programs and Initiatives

Serving the interests that affect you most.

The DAA’s programs and initiatives are interconnected and address downtown’s greatest needs.


Strategic Programs and Initiatives

The Downtown Austin Alliance created a strategic plan that articulates the organization’s mission, vision, and core values. The plan guides our special projects and daily activities as we serve the community's interests. Our impact areas and ongoing priorities are interconnected—each is essential to the success of the others.




Strategic Priorities

Our plan’s impact areas rally the downtown community around large, focused projects. These areas are based on downtown needs, momentum of stakeholders, and addressing challenges that are more important than ever to the success of downtown Austin. 

Congress Avenue: Lead the effort to transform what is now a street into a truly exceptional place – the greatest street in Austin and one of the great streets in the world.


We will work to make the avenue an iconic place that combines the needed infrastructure, design, energy and events to lure and captivate people. The transformation of Congress Avenue will be a working laboratory for connecting and transforming the rest of downtown Austin.

Historic Squares: Lead the effort to establish a public-private partnership for Republic Square that will serve as a model in effectively implementing and sustaining the vision for Austin’s urban squares.


Great parks and public spaces increase the appeal, livability, and economic value of urban areas. They also improve the mental and physical health of their users. Austin has several downtown parks, squares, and open spaces that are currently underperforming. Among these, the size, location, and existing stakeholder momentum of Republic Square make it the natural starting point.

Downtown Draws People| Mobility: Actively participate in transportation planning to monitor and influence transportation ingress, egress, and circulation in downtown Austin.


Support efforts to make the amenities and lure of downtown Austin readily accessed by a variety of effective, efficient, and pleasant transportation options.


Downtown Captivates People | Clean, Safe, Beautiful & Welcoming: Collaborate to ensure that Downtown Austin is a more enticing place with every block as clean and beautiful as the next. We will work to add amenities that increase appeal for all users, including families and children, public gathering places that foster joyful and restorative experiences, and ensure downtown users are safe and feel safe throughout the area.


ongoing priorities

Our plan’s ongoing priorities are focused on areas to which the DAA has always applied focus. They call for the DAA to continue to focus its resources to achieve specific incremental advances in these areas. Ongoing priorities reflect the DAA’s daily efforts to make downtown safe, vibrant, and prosperous. These are fundamental priorities essential to a healthy downtown.

Economic Development: Promote positive growth of downtown’s retail, commercial, and residential markets.

Retail: Provide leadership in the implementation of the Downtown Retail Redevelopment Strategy, an initiative to cultivate a mix of local, regional and national retailers downtown.